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China Hot selling Hardened Teeth Sprocket for Roller Chain with Keyway Screw 60BS18ht Drive Sprocket

Product Description

Yuchen power tramsmission offer all the sprocket 

Product Description
1. American Standard 04B/05B/06B/08B/083/085/10B/12B/16B/20B/24B/28B/32B,
2, European Standard 25/35/41/40/50/60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200/240/,
3, Asian Standard FBN25B/FBN35B/FBK35B/FBN40B/NK15B/,
4,Double pitch sprocket 2040/2042/2050/2052/2060/2062/2080/2082
5. Pilot bore, finished bore, taper bore and special bore available,QD bore.
6. Bright surface and high precision
7. Advanced heat treatment and surface treatment crafts
8. Better quality and competitive price.
9. Material C45(1045), low carbon steel, 40Cr, 20CrMnTi, stainless steel such as SS316L, SS316, SS304, SS420, copper etc. available
10. Standard sea worthy package to Europe and American
11. High speed digital gear hobbing machines to guarantee the teeths quality
12. Corrosion resistance treatment available
13. Control on tolerance and easy to install
14. Good material and good treatment to make sure long life span
15. OEM/ODM welcome

Product show


Manufacture process

Business type Manufacturer & Exporter
Main export market Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa
Material C45, low carbon steel, 40Cr, cast iron, stainless steel, copper etc
Manufacturing method Forged and then machined, hobbed, if need can also weld
Heat treatment High frequency quenching and so on
Surface treatment Oxide black, Galvanized, Nickel plated, Chrome plated, Sandblasting, Painted and so on
Model Type A & Type B, Single, Double, Triple – 35B10-80,40B9-90,50B9-90,60B9-90,80B9-90,100B9-90,120B9-80,140B10-60,160B10-60;06B10-125,08B9-125,10B9-125,12B9-125,16B9-125,20B9-114,24B9-90,28B9-76,32B9-76, and other sprocket to fit with conveyor chain, transmission chain
Packing Plywood Case/Pallet




Q1. What is your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in single color box. If you have special request about packing, pls negotiate with us in advance, we can pack the goods as your request.

Q2. What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We’ll show you the photos of the products and packages 
before you pay the balance. Other payments terms, pls negotiate with us in advance, we can discuss.

Q3. What is your terms of delivery?

Q4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, it will take 25 to 30 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends 
on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q5. Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q6. What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and 
the courier cost.We welcome sample order.

Q7. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

Q8: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, 
no matter where they come from.


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Material: Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment: Baking Paint
Motor Type: Frequency Control Motor
Installation: Turning
Transport Package: Non-Fumigation
Specification: 10Bb 20T
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Customized Request

wheel sprocket

wheel sprocket System in Heavy Machinery and Industrial Equipment

Yes, a wheel sprocket system is commonly used in heavy machinery and industrial equipment for power transmission and motion control. The wheel sprocket configuration is a versatile and efficient method of transmitting rotational force between two shafts.

In heavy machinery and industrial equipment, the wheel is typically attached to one shaft, while the sprocket is mounted on another shaft. A chain or a toothed belt is wrapped around the wheel sprocket, connecting them. When the wheel is rotated, the chain or belt engages with the sprocket, causing the sprocket and the connected shaft to rotate as well. This mechanism allows the transfer of power from one shaft to the other, enabling various components and parts of the machinery to function.

Common applications of the wheel sprocket system in heavy machinery include:

  • Construction Machinery: Wheel loaders, excavators, cranes, and other construction equipment often use wheel sprocket systems for efficient power transmission in various moving parts.
  • Material Handling Equipment: Forklifts, conveyor systems, and other material handling equipment utilize wheel sprocket configurations to move goods and materials smoothly and reliably.
  • Mining Equipment: Mining machinery, such as drilling rigs and conveyors, often incorporate wheel sprocket assemblies for power transmission in challenging environments.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, combines, and other agricultural equipment use wheel sprocket systems to drive various components like wheels and harvesting mechanisms.
  • Industrial Robotics: Robots and automated systems in manufacturing often utilize wheel sprocket setups for precise motion control and efficient power transmission.

One of the key advantages of the wheel sprocket system is its ability to handle heavy loads and transmit power over long distances. It is a reliable and cost-effective method of power transmission in various industrial settings. However, proper maintenance and alignment are crucial to ensuring the system’s optimal performance and longevity.

Overall, the wheel sprocket system is a widely used and effective power transmission solution in heavy machinery and industrial equipment, offering versatility and efficiency in a range of applications.

wheel sprocket

Using a Belt Sprocket in Place of a Chain Sprocket with a Wheel

Yes, in many cases, a belt sprocket can be used in place of a chain sprocket with a wheel, provided that the system is designed to accommodate the change.

Both chain sprockets and belt sprockets serve the same fundamental purpose of transferring rotational motion and power between the wheel and the driven component. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when replacing a chain sprocket with a belt sprocket:

  • Alignment: Belt sprockets and chain sprockets must be aligned properly with the wheel to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission. Any misalignment can cause premature wear and reduce the system’s overall performance.
  • Tension: Chain-driven systems require specific tension to prevent slack and maintain proper engagement between the sprockets and the chain. Belt-driven systems, on the other hand, require appropriate tension to prevent slippage. Ensuring the correct tension for the specific type of sprocket is crucial for reliable operation.
  • Load Capacity: Consider the load capacity and torque requirements of the system when selecting a belt sprocket. Belt sprockets may have different load-carrying capabilities compared to chain sprockets, and using the wrong type can lead to premature wear or failure.
  • Speed and RPM: Belt-driven systems may have different operating speeds and RPM limits compared to chain-driven systems. Ensure that the selected belt sprocket can handle the desired rotational speed without exceeding its design limitations.
  • System Design: Changing from a chain-driven system to a belt-driven system (or vice versa) may require modifications to the overall system design, including the size of the sprockets and the layout of the system. Consult with an engineer or a qualified professional to ensure that the replacement is appropriate and safe.

Overall, replacing a chain sprocket with a belt sprocket can be a viable option in certain applications. However, it’s essential to consider the factors mentioned above and evaluate the compatibility of the new sprocket with the existing system to achieve optimal performance and longevity.

wheel sprocket

Role of a wheel sprocket in a Mechanical System

In a mechanical system, a wheel sprocket play a crucial role in transferring motion and power from one component to another. They are essential elements of various machines and mechanisms, such as bicycles, conveyor systems, automobiles, and industrial machinery. Let’s explore their functions in more detail:

1. Wheel:

The wheel is a circular component with a central shaft (axle) that allows it to rotate freely around the axle’s axis. Its primary functions include:

  • Motion Transmission: When a force is applied to the wheel’s outer edge, it rotates around the axle, enabling the transfer of linear motion into rotational motion.
  • Load Bearing: The wheel’s structure and material are designed to support and distribute the load placed on it, allowing smooth movement over various surfaces.
  • Reduction of Friction: By using wheels, the friction between the moving object and the ground is significantly reduced, making it easier to move heavy loads with less effort.
  • Directional Control: Wheels can be attached to steering mechanisms to control the direction of movement in vehicles and other equipment.

2. Sprocket:

A sprocket is a toothed wheel designed to mesh with a chain or a belt, facilitating motion transfer between the sprocket and the chain/belt. Its key functions include:

  • Power Transmission: When rotational force (torque) is applied to the sprocket, the teeth engage with the links of the chain or belt, transferring motion and power from one sprocket to another.
  • Speed and Torque Conversion: Different-sized sprockets can be used to adjust the speed and torque of the driven component in a mechanical system.
  • Positive Drive: The teeth on the sprocket and the links on the chain/belt create a positive drive system, reducing the likelihood of slippage or loss of power during operation.
  • Chain/Belt Tensioning: Sprockets help maintain proper tension in the chain or belt, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the power transmission system.

Together, wheels and sprockets form a vital part of mechanical systems, enabling efficient motion transmission, power transfer, and control in a wide range of applications across various industries.

China Hot selling Hardened Teeth Sprocket for Roller Chain with Keyway Screw 60BS18ht Drive Sprocket  China Hot selling Hardened Teeth Sprocket for Roller Chain with Keyway Screw 60BS18ht Drive Sprocket
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China 1045 steel teeth harden 08b-1 non standard industrial roller chain sprocket with screw hole and big bore drive sprocket

Material: Steel
Standard: ISO
Design Variety: 08b-1 industrial sprocket
surface area: zinc or balck oxid
hardness(HB220-250): can be remedy on quenching
bore: auxiliary gap
Packaging Specifics: plastic bag and regular carton(as your need)
Port: ZheJiang

1045 steel roller chain sprockets
one. Sprocket processing: forging, shaping, hobbing, New Arrival Handmade Allure Gentlemen Bracelet Volcanic Normal Stone CZPT Eye CZPT Beaded Bracelets mid frequeney induction hardening
induction hardening, gear grinding, ultimate inspection
2. strictly inspection
three.superior equipment
4. Prompt shipping (we have large quantity standard sprocket in stock for each and every yr)
five. Surface and hardness can be treatment method as your need.

Our sprocket attribute:

one. Sprocket and Gear as for every your specific sample or drawing or as per normal this sort of as Metric
standard, Intelligent Pair Bracelet Pair of Keys and Locks Lengthy Length Love Remote Sensing Wise Jewellery Stainless Metal Bracelet British requirements, AGMA specifications.
2. Content can be C45, 40Cr, TS2-twenty-8-10 Setscrew kind curved jaw coupling Aluminum Alloy Large Precision adaptable shaft connector stepper motor Sizzling Sale 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo, copper, WSD collection crossed shaft universal coupling stainless steel and so on as for every your ask for.
3. There is large precision available as for each your specific request
4. Our normal sprocket and bevel gear is exported to Europe and The us in massive amount.
five. We are leading skilled industrial sprocket and gear manufacturing unit in china
six. Packaging: plastic baggage within, and carton exterior.
seven. Supply date: with in 30days right after get the deposit (for standard quantity like 1000pcs)

Amerian regular

35B 40B 50B 60B 80B 100B 120B 140B 160B 200B
pitch nine.525 12.7 fifteen.875 19.05 25.four 31.seventy five 38.one 44.forty five 50.eighty sixty three.50
roller diameter five.08 seven.ninety five ten.16 eleven.91 15.88 19.05 22.23 25.40 28.58 39.68

European normal

06B 08B 10B 12B 16B 20B 24B 28B 32B 40B
pitch 9.525 twelve.seven fifteen.875 19.05 twenty five.four 31.75 38.10 44.forty five 50.8 63.fifty
roller diameter 6.35 eight.51 10.sixteen 12.07 fifteen.88 19.05 25.four 27.94 29.21 39.37


Choosing the Right Chain Sprocket For Your Bike

When deciding which chain sprocket to buy, you should be aware of how they fit on the bike. These sprockets are often secured to the bike’s shaft by either one or more set screws. ANSI standards for sprocket keyways provide the proper dimensions for a given shaft diameter. However, they aren’t universal and might not apply to all applications. As a result, it is important to consult a supplier who is familiar with the exact keyway dimensions.

Roller chain sprocket

A Roller chain sprocket is a gear with toothed rollers. The tooth profile determines the arc length of the roller. A roller with an undercut tooth profile will not transmit movement properly. For this reason, the pitch line of the roller should be equal to the incremental circle length (r) divided by the number of teeth.
The chain sprocket is available in various types. They can be used in conveyor chains. They are usually available as ready-to-mount units. Finished bores and wide hubs are available for mounting them. They are also available with a roller-bearing design.
The teeth of sprocket wheels are derived from the involute-trochoid curve. In order to engage with these teeth, the roller chain must be sufficiently accurate to avoid backlash. However, conventional roller chains can also engage with these teeth. However, this cannot eliminate backlash completely. This is why the invention provides means for reducing the friction between the teeth and the roller. This also increases the life span of the roller-and-sprocket transmission.
In terms of standards, the ANSI standard is widely used in the industry. It accounts for nearly 15% of the market in Europe and holds an advantage over the ISO standards. In North America, manufacturers of sprockets follow the ANSI code B 29.1. The ANSI code provides clear design guidelines and allows for interchangeability among different types.
There are many considerations to make when selecting a sprocket. A key factor is the transmission input. For example, if the transmission has a high horsepower, the center distance between the large and small sprockets is smaller. To compensate for this, a chain with a smaller pitch may be appropriate. Also, if the transmission has a high horsepower ratio, a multiple-strand drive is a viable option.
If you’re looking for a quality roller chain sprocket, you should check out MDS. They stock a wide range of types and sizes for a variety of industrial machinery.

Gap-tooth sprocket

A gap-tooth chain sprocket has tooth-head heights greater than the ISO tooth form height. This ensures that the pins and rollers meet at a point near the tooth head, and eliminates pulsating movement and intermittent changes in speed.
The front and rear surfaces of the sprocket are convex arcs, with radii equal to each other and the center of the tooth gap bottom. This allows for a uniform pitch and reduced friction. The tooth-face height of a gap-tooth chain sprocket is equal to the pitch of the chain, while the radii of its tooth-faces are larger than that of an ISO tooth-form.
One form of gap-tooth chain sprocket has four teeth at regular intervals. The teeth are interconnected by arc-shaped tooth gap bottoms. The resulting chain pitch is called the chain pitch. The gap-tooth sprocket can be used on various types of wheels.
ISO 606 1994 (E) defines the standard chain length, while Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS B 1801) define the standard tooth form. The ISO and Japanese Industrial Standards define two different tooth forms, namely S-tooth and U-tooth. The ISO and Japanese Industrial Standard tooth forms have different tooth pitches, but the root diameter of both forms is the same. The distance between each tooth is measured from the pitch polygon.
The tooth gap bottom circle of the gap-tooth sprocket gradually contacts the surface of the front tooth in the opposite side of the tooth gap. As this process continues, the tooth surface of the gap-tooth sprocket moves closer to the tooth head. This reduces the impact, which results in less noise.
The gap-tooth chain sprocket is an ideal solution for many applications. It allows the chain to disengage easily. With the same frequency, the teeth of the sprocket also help in regulating vibration. A sprocket with short teeth will be easier to disengage when necessary.
Another popular style of gap-tooth chain sprocket is the random polygon 64. The random polygon is a quadrilateral. Each vertex of the quadrilateral is assigned to one of the four consecutive pins on the uniform chain. The four consecutive pins are aligned in a gap-tooth pattern.

Steel split sprocket

Split sprockets are perfect for large portions of the drive system, as they can be installed without disassembling the entire shaft assembly. These sprockets are also useful in applications where there is limited workspace. They can be installed without disassembling the entire shaft assembly, minimizing the risk of damage to the conveyor system and reducing downtime.
There are several different types of split sprockets, including mat chains and table chains. Each type differs in bore diameter, number of teeth, block body style, and abrasion resistance. Some are made from steel, while others are made from a non-split material.
Split sprockets are available from many manufacturers. Typically, the split sprockets are made with two pieces of steel, which are then joined together again. This assembly technique is a cost-effective way to mount sprockets on a shaft. These sprockets can be stocked in multiple sizes and keyways.
Stainless Steel sprockets are available in stock and custom configurations. They are designed to last for years to come. These sprockets are suitable for conveyors, power transmission systems, and robotics. In addition, these sprockets offer heightened quality and durability. Some of these sprockets feature a bevel or spiral bevel gear, while others are made from helical gear.
Split sprockets are available in a variety of sizes. For instance, the RCS-03 is a plain bore type, while the RCS-04 is a finished bore type. Split sprockets are available with a split taper bushed design. They are also available with either single or multiple strands.

Double-duty sprocket

If you are looking for a heavy-duty chain sprocket, you have many choices. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Some have wide teeth while others have narrow teeth. You should choose a sprocket that has the correct tooth pitch for your chain’s pitch diameter. You should also pay attention to the sprocket’s bore, or the hole in its center through which the drive shaft passes.
The type of transmission will also determine the type of sprocket you need. High-power transmissions, for example, require higher-pitch sprockets than lower-pitch models. To make sure that you choose the right sprocket for your application, check the horsepower and pitch of your transmission. If you have a low-pitch transmission, choose a smaller chain pitch. High-horsepower transmissions may also require multiple-strand drive.
There are different standards for sprockets, but ANSI standards are widely accepted. For instance, ANSI code B 29.1 requires sprockets to have two teeth per chain pitch, whereas ISO standards call for three. The double-duty sprocket, on the other hand, engages every other tooth. This helps the sprocket’s lifespan.
There are many different sprockets, and each has different performance characteristics. Generally, sprockets are made of metal or reinforced plastic and are similar to bicycle gears in their wheel-shaped design. Different types of chain sprockets have different teeth and work with different types of chains. The design of the chain and sprocket also determines the type of sprocket needed.
One popular type of double-duty sprocket is the steel-split sprocket. Its pitch is half the pitch of the chain and is usually referred to as a ‘double-duty’ sprocket. It is often used for heavy-duty purposes, as it distributes the load evenly on the chain.
While sprockets come in different tooth pitches and diameters, the recommended number of teeth is 17. The more teeth on the sprocket, the longer it will last. The height of the teeth is also important. A sprocket with more teeth will increase the life of the chain.

China 1045 steel teeth harden 08b-1 non standard industrial roller chain sprocket with screw hole and big bore     drive sprocketChina 1045 steel teeth harden 08b-1 non standard industrial roller chain sprocket with screw hole and big bore     drive sprocket
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Best China manufacturer & factory china in Guadalajara Mexico manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

If you are interested in any of our merchandise or would like to discuss a potential purchase, make sure you truly feel totally free to get in touch with us.


Rapid Particulars

Relevant Industries:

Producing Plant


Client Request

ApplicatClose up of two yokes with the common joint. Be aware the slight oozing of grease from the UJ seal finishes, the clump of grease is from inside of the yoke splined shaft location –Generate (outer) yoke has a woman (usual spline) gap and “Y” form conclude that is the universal joint (UJ) mount. –UJ is a cross formed casting obtaining roller bearings enclosed with caps at all four factors and is held into the yoke with 4 “C” clips –Interior yoke and push shaft is one more yoke welded to the travel end, of the travel shaft. –Pushed shaft and inner yoke is the pushed shaft that rides within of the drive shaft and has a yoke welded at the pushed conclude –UJ one more UJ as aboveion:

Device Device


Picket Box



Mounting Position:







1 Calendar year

Input Form:

Shaft Input



Packaging & Supply

Direct Time
Quantity(Bags) one – one 2 – five >5
Est. Time(days) five twelve To be negotiated

On the internet Customization


Screw worm jack reducer

        SWL series worm wheel screw elevator is a simple lifting areas, in line with JB/T8809 — 2010 (unique JB/T8809 — 1998, JB/ZQ4391 — 86) requirements. Carrying potential 2.5 — 120T. It has the positive aspects of compact structure, tiny quantity, mild weight, vast electricity resource, lower sounds, convenient installation, flexible use, several features, several supporting types, high dependability and extended provider life.

         SWL sequence worm screw is a kind of simple lifting equipment, which is broadly used in equipment, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, building, water conservancy, lifestyle and other industries.

Structural kind

Sort 1 – the screw moves in equally rotation and axial route.

Variety 2 – the screw rotates. The nut on the screw moves in an axial direction.

Assembly kind

Sort A – screw (or nut) moves upward

Type B – screw (or nut) moves downward

Transmission ratio

Common (P) 

 slow (M)

Model of screw elevator

SWL2.5,SWL5,SWL10,SWL15,SWL20,SWLOur business has strong economic energy, builds up With out ample venting, higher temperatures enhance interior stress which can pressure lubricant past seal lips or improve lip speak to stress, accelerating seal put on and grooving on the seal journals.a technician team contingent with higher high quality, possesses the manufacturing assembly line of technicalization in China and excellent system checking on product top quality and operates marketing and advertising networks during the place. twenty five,SWL35,SWL50,JWM002,JWM005,JWM010,JWM025,JWM050,JWM100,JWM150,JWM200,JWM300,JWM500,JWM750,JWM1000

Characteristic A single

JWM (trapezoidal screw kind) is appropriate for reduced velocity and lower frequency apps.

Feature Two

Inexpensive cost, compact structure, easy operation and hassle-free routine maintenance

Attribute A few

Reduced speed, lower frequency: mostly utilised for weighty load, reduced speed and no recurrent work place

Connected Products

Our Company


Packing & Shipping


Q1: Are you a trading firm or a company ?
A: We are a producer in ZJ Province, China. Our firm owns
the capability of producing, processing, planning and R&D. We welcome your go to.

Q2: How we choose models and technical specs?
A: According to the specific information of the requires from the portion of enquiry,
we will recommend the products’ designs on synthesizing the aspects of
field of products utilization, electrical power, torque arm and ratio…

Q3: How is your value? Can you offer you any discount?
A: Our rates are usually aggressive. If the customer can place a huge order,
we surely will enable price cut.

This fall: How prolonged need to I wait around for the opinions right after I send out the enquiry?
A: We will reply as soon as feasible, twelve hrs at most.

Q5: What is your merchandise guarantee interval?
A: We have the certifications of ISO9001,CE, SGS.

Q6: What industries are your gearboxes being used?
A: Our gearboxes are extensively utilized to metallurgical equipment, mining
tools, automation gear, foods machinery, packaging tools,
tobacco tools and so on.

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory china  in Guadalajara Mexico  manufacturer factory of trapezoidal screw With high quality best price

Hot factory made in China – replacement parts – in Voronezh Russian Federation Sale Twin Screw Extrusion Machine for Powder Coating with top quality

Hot  factory  made in China - replacement parts -  in Voronezh Russian Federation  Sale Twin Screw Extrusion Machine for Powder Coating with top quality

We – EPG Group the most significant gearbox & motors , torque limiter couplings and gears factory in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more information: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778083988828

Substantial torque & High Pace Rotation Twin-Screw Extruder:
Cell/ 🙁 0086)13655450504
Web site:  , cn

Primary Features:

*Entire Gearbox from professional EPT maker, reduced sound, resilient longevity

*Large screw speed, large shearing, quick discharge

*Impartial lube oil cooling system design and style

*Torque limiter to defend the drive train

*Appropriate for reclaim powder, unique powder production

*Break up layout of barrel and liner inserts for simple cleaning and maintainence

*Leading & Side feeding choices

*Other functions same as typical kind extruder

Complex Parameters:

Design Ability (kg/h) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Duration (mm) Screw Speed (r/min) Primary Motor (kw) Feeder Motor (kw) Heating Electrical power (kw) All round Dimensions (mm)
TSX-40 eighty-260 forty 16D -800 11/15/18.5 .55 8 1850*700*1750
TSX-52 one hundred fifty-450 fifty two 16D -800 22/thirty/37 .75 10 2700*900*2200
TSX-sixty five 400-1000 sixty five 16D -800 forty five/55/seventy five 1.1 twelve 2900*1000*2400
TSX-seventy five 800-1200 75 16D -800 75/ninety 1.5 16 3100*1200*2500
TSX-85 1200-1800 85 16D -800 ninety/one hundred ten 2.two twenty 3700*1500*2900

Traditional Variety Co-Rotation Parallel Twin Screw Extruder


*Robust shearing, effortless cleaning

*Precise auto temperature manage, high cooling & heating exchagne

*Hinged clamshell kind barrel opening, segmented liners for straightforward replacing and cost saviTorque limiters / overload couplings – Torque limiters (overload couplings) are vital components in the generate practice. They aid to avoid for a longer time downtimes and expensive repairs alongside with the resulting fees. In scenario of overload ensuing from a breakdown in the operation of the plant, the torque-limiting methods (torque limiters) uncouple driving and pushed facet whilst safeguarding the travel teach from more substantial damages. That is why they are mostly referred to as protection couplings.ng

*Feeder effortless assembly & disassembly, interior framework to stay away from agglomeration

*Configurable screw used for defferent powder formulas

*Screw and barrel undertake special materials like Cr12MoV, CPM, and many others., substantial donning resisting

*Very gearbox with low sound dB amount

*Torque limiter to defend the push train

*Reduced power intake

Complex Parameters:

Product Ability (kg/h) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Length Screw Pace (r/min) Major Motor (kw) Feeder Motor (kw) Heating Electrical power (kw) All round Dimensions (mm)
SLJ-40 80-220 40 16D -five hundred 11/fifteen/eighteen.five .55 four 1800*600*1700
SLJ-50 150-300 fifty 16D -five hundred 22/30 .75 eight 2600*700*2000
SLJ-fifty five three hundred-400 fifty five 16D -500 30/37 .seventy five eight 2700*900*2300
SLJ-sixty 400-600 60 16D -500 forty five one.1 12 2750*1000*2350
SLJ-seventy five 600-800 75 16D -five hundred 55 1.five 12 2900*1100*2400
SLJ-eighty 800-1200 eighty 16D -five hundred 75/ninety 2.two 20 3700*800*2800

Technological Parameters (Lab Sort):

Design Capacity (kg/h) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Length Screw Pace (r/min) Main Motor (kw) Feeder Motor (kw) Heating Power (kw) Overall Proportions (mm)
TSX-twenty .2-ten 22 16D -600 two.2-4 .one two 1600*300*850
SLJ-thirty one-30 thirty 16D -five hundred three-5.five .eighteen 3.2 1430*550*1300
SLJ-32 40-80 32 16D -500 seven.5/11 .25 3.2 1600*500*1500


Xihu (West Lake) Dis.solar is a leading manufacturer in China of Powder Coating Manufacturing Equipments, i.e. Mixers, Extruders, Cooling Belt and Air Classifier Mill. We inherit thirty several years of ordeals in this ept and have exported to practically thirty countries and areas in the past ten many years, and get extensively very good reputations.

We passed CE certification acceptance and ATEX explosion resistant test, and many others. intercontinental expectations, we do know how to satisfy the diversified and personalized produced requests of our customers.

Our eternal company philosophy: consistant good quality, powerful interaction, responsible service.


The use of unique products manufacturer’s (OEM) element figures or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our organization and the outlined substitution elements contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or created by the OEM.

Hot  factory  made in China - replacement parts -  in Voronezh Russian Federation  Sale Twin Screw Extrusion Machine for Powder Coating with top quality

Hot  factory  made in China - replacement parts -  in Voronezh Russian Federation  Sale Twin Screw Extrusion Machine for Powder Coating with top quality

Hot  factory  made in China - replacement parts -  in Voronezh Russian Federation  Sale Twin Screw Extrusion Machine for Powder Coating with top quality

Special manufacturer China Standard High Preciosion Spur Gear JM2-25 jaw Shaft Coupling and ball screw coupling JM2-95 JM2-105

Special  manufacturer  China Standard High Preciosion Spur Gear JM2-25 jaw Shaft Coupling and ball screw coupling JM2-95 JM2-105

Detail Information

Coupling-JM2-95/JM2-105 Jaw Coupling JAW Coupling Dimensions

Short pitch transmission Chains Specifications

Model Inner bore D(mm) L(mm) Nominal Torque(N.m) The Max of Torque(N.m)
dmin dmax
JM2-25 4 12 25 34 5.0 10.0
JM2-30 6 16 30 35 7.4 14.8
JM2-40 10 24 40 66 9.5 19
JM2-55 12 28 55 78 34 68
JM2-65 14 38 65 90 95 190
JM2-80 24 45 80 114 135 270
JM2-95 30 55 95 126 230 460
JM2-105 35 60 105 140 380 760

Product Information

We could supply JM,JDM,JM-C,JM-T series Jaw Coupling

JM series : Set screw type Jaw Coupling  

JDM series : Clamp type Binodal coupling  

JM-C series : Clamp type Jaw Coupling  

JM-T series :  Ringfeder  Jaw Coupling  


1.Jaw coupling is made of hard aluminium alloy

2.Can be with keyway if you need

3.Elastomer material is from Bayer Germany


5.Can customize the length or as your drawing

6.Zero Backlash and 0 repair rate

7.Very famous in China and all over the world

8.Can replce KTR very very good quality 

9.Large quanity will be with very good price

10.Supply OEM service


* Standard roller chain

* OEM roller chain

High Performance:

√ Strong Ultimate tensile strength

√ Perfect surface treatment

√ Durable,Flexible

Quality Assurance:

ISO9001: 2015 and GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.

High quality: 

√Corrosion resistance

√Durable, Robust and Reliable

√Bad condition resistance

√Lower weight–high speed

Application industries:


√Building Material
√Oil and Gas

√Technology and Science


Plastic bag+Neutral box +Plywood box

Adapted to:

* roller chains based on the requirements of ANSI B29.1

* Roller chain components are shot peened for greater fatigue resistance

* available with single strand roller chain,double strand roller chain,triple strand roller chain,four strand roller chain

* material used for roller chain 40mn

* heat treatment and special surface treatments are available on request


EPT ansi transmission chains and sprockets are widely used in Agriculture,Printing,Chemical,Food and Beverage,General Machinery,Oil and Gas,Packaging and Logistics,Paper Industry,Textile industry,Woodeworking Machinery and so on. 

The biggest characteristic is that the chains can be customized in different standard and materials according to your requirements. Made from the steel and the up-to-date skills ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of precision roller chains. Types include single and multiple strand, hollow pin, side bow, rollerless, self-lubricating, straight sidebar, double pitch, brushed, nickel plated, armor coated, 304 stainless steel, leaf, hoist and O-ring, citrus, sorting and caterpillar roller chains.as well as precision procedures, the high quality roller chain can withstand strong pressure and high temperature.

Special Standard High Preciosion Spur Gear